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EMR Northern Metals Becker

 June 2019 – April 2020

26-acre state of the art industrial recycling center located in Becker MN, our construction portion started in June of 2019 and was completed in April 2020, overcoming the challenges with Covid during the end of the construction phase of the project. We had anywhere from 5 to 50 team members on this project at any given time during construction. Construction consisted of everything from privately owned Primary power service to hundreds of security cameras and industrial instruments through the facility. Radtke Service was EMR’s one stop shop for complete electrical service for the entire site. Since completion of construction, we have maintained a lasting relationship and continue today doing daily onsite maintenance for EMR along with expansion projects.


Roughly 2.75 miles (15000’) of 38KV medium voltage cable installed on site. 10000’ of 5” PVC Conduit in a 5000’ Concrete encased Duct Bank. Set 8 medium voltage transformers ranging from 45KVA to 3000KVA. Set 1 18MVA transformer for 8000HP Shredder Motor. Work Included Complete site wiring from 38KV medium voltage to 24v low voltage, Elevated Cable Tray, 2000 Amp 34.5KV Service, 2 4000 Amp 480 Volt services, 1 3000 Amp 480 Volt service and multiple 480 Volt services under 1000 Amps. Helical Piers, Concrete work included transformer pads, concrete encased duct banks, concrete foundations for 20 light poles.

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North Dakota-Bakken Midstream and Commercial

January 2015-Present

Install thousands of 3’’-8’’ Helicals for multiple customers in the Midstream Sector for Main Line Valves, Pig Launcher and Receivers,  Lact/Act Units, Booster Skids, Structural Steel Building Foundations, Structural Supports Concrete Foundations and Light Poles.

Minnesota-Cuyuna Maroco Trail

September 2022

Installed 16- 3.5’’ Helicals to 80’ Depth to reach customer torque specifications that are part of the Concrete Bridge Abutment creating a Channel between Little Mahnomen and Mahnomen Lake so peope can enjoy both lakes without needing to launch or portage between the two.

Minnesota- Lake Shore MN Tram

September 2022

Installed 19-3'’ Helicals to support a Upper and Lower Landing and Light Pole for a Tram Elevator to reach the shoreline. Utilized a Barge to access shoreline due to the steep terrain. The helical foundations did an excellent job to not impact the shoreline or bluff.

Northeast Texas Samson 1,310 MW Solar Project

January 2021 - March 2021

One of the Largest Solar Generation Facilities in the United States we had the opportunity to go down and install Helical Foundations for the 347KV Transmission Lines and Substations for Samson I and III utilizing our MD190 and a SD80 Digga Helical Driver. Installed Hundreds Viking Helical Anchors in ranges of 5.5’’ to 14’’ to customer specifications.


Washington Dairy Bryant SD

April 2023 – January 2024

150-acre Agricultural Diary Barn Operation, we completed the 2nd phase of a 10,000 head dairy farm. Our work included Free Stall Barn, Vet Area, Truck Wash, Shop-Separator, Day Pit Area, Basins, Fuel area, Grain System, Commodity Area, and Overall Site Power and Fiber optic Cabling. We worked closely with the client to meet their specific and unique needs for this project. Used our 308 mini excavator and RTX750 to install 1”- 4” PVC conduit and innerduct throughout the project. 


Installed 261,000 feet of 1”-1 ¼" PVC, 44,000 feet of 2”-4” PVC, Plowed 20,000’ Poly Water and Gas Line for Client. Installed 1,100,000 feet of #14-#2 Copper/Aluminum Wire, 52,000 Feet of #1/0-500KCMIL Aluminum Wire, and 7,500 feet of VFD Wire. Installed power factor correction capacitor bank, 2-800KW and 1-600KW Standby Generators, wired 379 free stall Ventilation Fans, Installed 1400 client provided Lights and Power and Controls to Manure Separation.




North Dakota Bakken


Many Midstream Well Connects for Crude Oil and Production Water by Carbon Steel or Flexsteel. Complete tie ins from existing Lact Units to Main Lines and Central Delivery Points to Customer Interconnections. Our scope has included Excavating, Welding, Fabrication, Coating, Laying, Hydrostatic Testing with Water, Methanol and Propylene Glycol, Nitrogen Purging, Annular Testing, Hot Tap and Cold Tap Capabilities.

Structural Steel Compressor Buildings North Dakota Bakken


Installed multiple Amber Waves and PTW Self Framing Structures for Compressors for a Customers Specific needs. Our Scope was to Install Pre-Fabricated Components, Corrugated Steel Panels, Doors, Windows, Garage Doors and Helical Foundations.  We overcame challenges that came up with Physical Site Area Constraints.


Lact/Booster Installations North Dakota Bakken


Completed many lact skid installations on the Mechancial and Electrical side. We are a one stop shop to complete your Equipment Installations including Civil, Prefab, Onsite Fabrication, Coating, Helical Installation, Insulating, Structural Steel and Pre Cast, Electrical Installation. We can handle any SOW regarding Lact or Booster Installations

Gas Lift Upgrade North Dakota Bakken


Completed Gas Lift Upgrades where we have installed Multiple Compressors, Vapor Recovery Units, Ultrafab skid, Bubble Tower, Emulsion Coolers, Sales Gas Skid, Knock Out Skid to upgrade sites moving towards Gas Lift and H2S Reduction. Including Additional Larger Flow Lines and Converting old Flow Lines to Gas Lift Service.

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EMR Northern Metals Becker Rail Road Scale

September 2020 – November 2020

163’ x 10’ Concrete Foundation for a Rail Road Scale, Electrical wiring for scale, light poles, and radiation detection equipment. This is a prime example of our Versatile & Flexible Core Value, our client asked if we would be willing to help them out on something we hadn't done for them before and we Adapted to the changing circumstances, we grew and improved our skill sets. We also poured 24” Sonotubes for additional equipment and light poles. This work was done in the fall with cooler temperatures, we used our Ground Thaw unit to keep the concrete temperature at the prime level for curing to ensure we met all of the demands of the client and engineering firm.


Formed concrete foundation, provided and installed 8,000# of rebar, 90 yards of concrete poured through a concrete pump truck, 140 1” Anchor bolts Precisely placed for Rail Equipment. Dug, set, and poured 2 - 24”x 10’ and 4 - 30” x 10’ sonotubes with anchor bolts. Set Steel Structures on top of Sonotubes for Equipment after concrete was cured.

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